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Junior I-Network Node invites Uconnect to demonstrate SchoolAxxess at Namilyango College

I-Network is an international institute assisting developing countries to realise locally owned sustainable development by harnessing the potential of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). IICD works with partner organisations in Uganda to support project formulation and implementation, capacity development and knowledge sharing.  The Junior I-Network Node organizes ICT training camps for students and presentations about emerging technologies and the use of ICTs for enhancing education and promoting development at Uganda schools.

Junior I-Network Node Coordinator, Natalie Kimbugwe, arranged for Uconnect to demonstrate the SchoolAxxess server technology at Namilyango College in Seeta this April.  Eighty students, members of the Namilyango Computer Club, attended the demo, together with the Deputy Headmistress and the Honourable Dr. Johnson Nkuuhe, a founder of I-Network.

Namilyango’s computer lab is connected to the Internet by Hughes Network Systems satellite (Afsat I-Way).  

namilyangoed33.jpg (27113 bytes)

While waiting for the electricity to be restored, Daniel presented students with a vision for running their computer lab as a for-profit community telecentre. 

nataliepresed33.jpg (27774 bytes)

Natalie and Namilyango Computer Club President discuss information developing sharing activities between schools.

 johnsoned33.jpg (34763 bytes)

Hon. Johnson Nkuuhe demonstrates a touch screen tablet-notebook to students. 



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