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SchoolAxxess Server WiFi Demo at Uganda’s Education Exhibit

The Uconnect Schools Project Communications Truck was a centrepiece at an outdoor education exhibition, organized by the Office of the Vice President was held at Lugogo Show Grounds in March.  Students, teachers and education ministry officials were invited to climb aboard the truck to get some hands-on browsing on twelve workstations, connected to a SchoolAxxess server wirelessly by WiFi.  

At their stand under the marquee the Uconnect team showed the documentary film about the project broadcast by UTV last December, Uconnect Schools Project: Bringing ICTs to Uganda’s Rural Schools.

joanpresents33.jpg (35805 bytes)

Project Coordinator, Joan Amaniyo describes the project to a visiting teacher

visitorsone2netpost25b.jpg (40132 bytes)

The team distributed FAQ sheets about the project, including costs for purchasing recycled computing equipment, SchoolAxxess server, training and a variety of connectivity solutions.  They also distributed the ISOC's On The Internet and I-Network's newletter.

serverdemo25.jpg (31846 bytes)

Students used the SchoolAxxess server's Librarian search engine to find web pages of interest to them from among the thousands stored in its web cache - including many multimedia sites.

nabisunsatrk25a.jpg (32543 bytes)

A young lady from Nabisunsa is trying out one of the full-motion interactive training videos that come with the server.

e-education25.jpg (40231 bytes)

As part of its promotion of enhancing development and education through ICTs, Uconnect displayed some of the HP e-education pamphlets depicting schools-based community telecentres such as have already been set up in Ishaka, Mbale and Moroto.  Students from Mengo SS asked Joan to explain how their school could make better use of their computer lab. 

evelynfaith25.jpg (32227 bytes)

Faith invited her friend, Evelyn, from Nabisunsa to come to our stand to pick up some brochures about the project.  Nabisunsa had their own stand at the exhibit, on which they showed how their school was training students in entrepreneurship skills through agricultural projects such as growing pleurotis mushrooms and chickens.

robinson25.jpg (36207 bytes)

We were honoured to welcome the Assistant Commissioner Secondary, Mr. Robinson, who is a regular visitor to our education ministry workshops.

sophiegrant25b.jpg (29913 bytes)

Sophy discusses with SchoolsFora Director, Grant Itabaza, possibilities for collaboration.

educationteam25.jpg (32439 bytes)

Some of the Uconnect education team, Sophy, Faith, Francis, Joan, Susan, Sam, Billy and Janet.




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