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Uconnect Sends Three More Containers of Refurbished Computers to Uganda from Europe for Schools Project Expansion

Two 20 foot and one 40 foot containers with more than 800 mostly Pentium II computers and 17” monitors were shipped to Uganda from Europe this April with Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC).  The Uconnect team in Europe rented trucks in Switzerland and England to transport computing equipment to warehouses where they stuffed the containers prior to shipping.  Schools are already queuing up to collect the equipment they have set aside funds to purchase when the equipment clears Uganda customs

1stpallet33.jpg (24876 bytes)

The managers at the Balestrafic warehouse in Geneva, where we had stored the computer equipment, looked at the long line of pallets waiting to be loaded into the two 20 foot containers and shook their heads.   Not possible!  But Jed smiled and said to his brother, Isaac, 'Let's get to work'.  When they had finished stuffing the two containers there was room to spare.   The warehouse team looked on in disbelief.

higher33.jpg (24536 bytes)

Jed guides the first pallet into the container. 

1down33.jpg (24061 bytes)

One down; how many more to go?

jedstuffs33.jpg (28885 bytes)

Nearly time to start filling up the top of the container.

violaine33.jpg (21862 bytes)

Our faithful PR manager, Violaine, had sent out a press release announcing the container stuffing operation.   The company she works for, Rochat, had sponsored a public relations campaign to raise awareness about Uconnect in Switzerland.

GVAcontainerteam33.jpg (26120 bytes)

Caroline and Lisa came to witness the stuffing.  Isaac is re-packing a pallet, while Jed can just be seen stuffing the last pieces of equipment in the top of the back part of the container.  Caroline gave an interview about the project that day with Radio Lac.






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