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Donated Ewuipment Handling

What is the future of equipment donated to UConnect?


Upon reception donated equipment is sorted & documented at our warehouse space,

Stacked on pallets and wrapped for shipping,

Once we have enough pallets to fill a 20 foot container the container is delivered to our warehouse space and loaded,

The container is then transported by road to port where MSC (a project sponsor) ships the container to Mombassa Kenya where it is again transported overland to our refurbishing warehouse in Kampala Uganda.

There the computers are refurbished and installed with a tailored package of software and tested by our dedicated team of volunteers.

The Schools provide transport of their equipment to the school.

Teachers and students from the school are invited to attend a series of workshops ranging from “introduction and maintenance of the computers” through to “network installation” and “server administration”.

What about company software or data already on donated computers?

At UConnect we understand the importance of securely removing any data left on donated computers, UConnect have over the years earned the trust of international organisations as well as many private banks who donate equipment to UConnect on a regular basis.

UConnect have a strictly enforced policy to erase all data on donated equipment.
Every computer gets low level format and a new operating system installed through the use of cloning software

Upon request UConnect is also able to offer an immediate secure wipe of all hard drives in donated computers.

To wipe the hard drives Uconnect uses both the following methods.
Secure Erase (ATA-SE) method has been recommended by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology as for erasing ATA hard drives at a “purge” level. “ATA-SE” is a data wiping industry standard that has been integrated into almost every ATA hard drive drive built since 2000.

DBAN (Darik's boot and nuke) “ disk purge based on the American Department of Defense 5220-22.M Standard”

In some circumstances where donated computers contain very sensitive data Uconnect can arrange that the secure wiping be administered on site & with the participation of the donor.




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