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The Year in Pictures 1997

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We'd put the trucks on the ship to Mombasa, now we had to find the funds to fly down to meet the ship. A Belgian baron was host to the team; a gift of money paid for the airfares. Our logistics officer, Emmanuel, bore the burden of getting our cargo container filled and vehicles prepared for shipping. Port of Antwerp, airborne 4x4 was loaded with a completely dismantled Unimog, minus only the chasis, for spares. Shirtless, ready to pitch in with our crew of Kenyan dockworkers to unload our container under the watchful eye of a customs agent.
Guests of Kenya's National Wildlife Service, early morning at Tsavo with orphaned elephants. 'Blow into their trunks so they can get to know you'. Hats from oil company sponsor, Panolin, helped us to keep our cool on the savannah. Wild elephants were only sixty meters distant. Crest Towers Ministry of Education offices being transformed. Lovely view from the eighth floor, palm trees, Nile Hotel gardens with helicopter landing pad for visiting dignitaries. We'd dug shrapnel out of the walls from earlier troublous times and plastered over before painting. Isaac rolls it on.
We saw our first four volunteers on television, part of a gospel group, Flavia, Bernadette, Emmanuel and Ricky. Didn't know much about computers but took to IT like a duck takes to water. Ricky and Emma get down the basics as they compile a database of Uganda ISOC members in Uganda Connect's Train the Trainer workshop. Theological students took time from preparing for exams to learn answers to professors' questions from the web - wirelessly, by GSM. The hunger for knowledge we experience with visitors when we take our communications truck to national exhibitions is so intense it is difficult to describe. Click on the picture to see it.
Workshop trainees follow up Michael's Friday group lesson on Microsoft Excel with hands-on. Grey luggables are 386s from Reuters with 8 MB, Windows 95. Communications truck was supplied with power by batteries when electricity was cut. Jed and Caroline work on our web pages in Mukono. Invited by MP, Dr Johnson Nkuuhe, to take fellow MPs into cyberspace, we set up our projector in Uganda's Parliament and went on-line to browse the web Kasana, here supervising trainees, is now helping to run the Train the Trainer programme. Someone behind him is learning to touch type.
Working off of a UPS, Emmanuel develops his spreadsheet skills on Excel at our home in Mukono. Some of the executive secretaries from the Ministry of Education who attended our workshop in Crested Towers came back for hands-on. Bishop Tucker Theological College students get a lesson on Information and Computer Technologies - from under the trees. Leland Initiative's John Mack led his team to our see Train the Trainer workshops for himself. Browsing the web at a clip on older recycled PCs, we checked out his favourite sites.


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