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UConnect used an Upcountry HF E-mail Network As an Early Component of Developing Country Information Technology Infrastructure
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Jed and Fred installing the Solarpannels that will provide the telecenter with it's power

Hello this is a message to say that Kihihi is on the map!

Kihihi presentation by Daniel for the shools teachers

James and Lisa infront of the Kihihi telecenter

'This is how you do it', Peter shows how WFP built their HF network. 'Uniform Uniform, ready to make an exchange', Daniel gets first hands-on data exchange from comms truck. WFP engineer, Frode, helps set up our broadband antenna at Gaba beach, Lake Victoria. 'This is the holy coax', Peter tells Jed, as we set up our broadband antenna for the first test in Gaba.
Peter works on his laptop from a WFP 4x4 Our second data transmission from the comms truck, a 'live' digitised photo sent round the world by Internet. Ten meter telescopic mast supports a broadband antenna to transmit, receive, data thousands of kilometers. Ismael holds the fort at the radio room in Kampala, coordinating data transmissions for 55 field stations.
Peter shows us how it's done, 'This is Uniform Uniform, how do you read?' Geoffrey is network administrator, roving troubleshooter, helps WFP's food-laden lorries get to those in need. Uconnect demonstrated HF radio data transmission at Uganda National Farmers Association show. Paul Wyse checks out Uconnect's radio room in Mukono, broadband antenna outside tied to a tree.
Paul and Peggy provided invaluable information helping Codan and WFP engineers fine tune their network. Daniel flew up in a Mission Aviation Fellowship turboprop. Pilot prayed for the success of our mission. Paul establishes voice contact with WFP Kampala after he and Daniel set up Uconnect's first sub hub in Arua Wilken Telecommunications' Gordon demonstrates the Barrett Clover 2000 HF modem.



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