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AITEC 2004 Kampala, Uganda

Hundreds of visitors, students and teachers visited the Uconnect Schools stand, and demo truck.  Dozens of teachers and school administrators signed up to participate in the project

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Joan explains costs for setting up a ten-workstation lab

Visitors queue to get hands-on server-enabled workstations

Groups of ten tudents get ten minutes on ten workstations

Daniel was interviewed for Radio Uganda's Earlybird

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Students are briefed after their hands-on about how their school can benefit Our team had sent sms to teachers iniviting them to bring their students to the exhibit Francis and Billy take students through a five-minute intro to SchoolAxxess Librarian Sophie and Joan draw the net on visiting teachers, collecting dozens of database forms
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Jed was both system administrator and presenter Joan describes the strategies listed on our new flier Communications minister, Hon. Werikhe gets project update Geofrey, who printed Uconnect shirts, greets visitors at AITEC 2004
Our former Project Coordinator, Lorna, now working for Africa Online, signs the visitor book. Sam gives over-the-shoulder guidance to a visiting student. MTN's Jim Frame and Rob Gipman discuss connectivity opportunities for schools Billy, Joan and team close up the demo truck after a successful AITEC 2004



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